Help get WBWK – Brunswick Community Radio on the Air

Community Radio (WBWK) is coming to Brunswick, Ga.  This station will be for the people of Brunswick by the people of Brunswick!  We will start as an Internet radio station, and when the FCC starts taking applications for new Low Power FM radio licenses, we will apply and then start broadcasting over the air when we get approved.

Community radio is when local people produce and broadcast their programs and participate in operating the station. It is a community space for people to meet and collaborate. It is extraordinarily fun and often life-changing. It typically leads to individual creativity and self-empowerment. Participants find it extraordinarily satisfying not just to make radio in this unique fashion but also to help transform community life.

To get things rolling, we need your help funding the station.  We need to find a location to put our studios (at least 2000 sq/ft), funding to build the studios, and money to keep the station running once we get it built.  

We aim to get $200,000 in the next five months, broken into four steps.

Step 1 – $50,000

  • Secures the location
  • Begin building the three studios once we secure the location
    • On-air Studio
    • Production Studio
    • Podcasting Studio

Step 2 – $100,000

  • Complete build of indoor spaces
  • Get equipment for the on-air studio
  • Get equipment for Podcasting Studio

Step 3 – $150,000

  • Get equipment for Production Studio
  • Get Broadcasting (Transmitter and Antenna) equipment
  • Start training Volunteers

Step 4 – $200,000

  • Provides Furnishings
  • Start Broadcasting online while we wait to apply for the Low Power FM License.

To donate, please go to our Support page and select how you want to support us.